Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Funny Face

Kate makes some really funny faces. I still haven't been able to capture the best of them on camera, but here are a few that make me laugh.

   Pushing up makes me go cross-eyed.

Anyone want some buttered popcorn?

Ross didn't appreciate the funny face photos that I posted of Kate.  So to make him feel better I promised to post some good pictures to go along with the bad.

For the record, I think the cross-eyed crazy faced pictures are funny.



Butter Butt

Kate's poops smell like buttered popcorn. Ross and I laugh about it all the time. There's never a question of whether she has a 'stinky' in her diaper...

Fact - this is one of the strangest comments that I've made on this blog to-date.
Question - do you think this will embarrass Kate when she reads it one day? Of course!!!