Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Little Nibbles #4

1. Connor calls stars "twinkle". He has a hard time saying "st" so I guess twinkle is just easier.

2. Kate will NOT let me rock her to sleep. If I try, it's like holding a angry bobcat - with arms, legs swinging everywhere. Of course, if Ross holds her tightly in his arms she falls right to sleep.

3. I have to ask Kate a question in order to get Connor to talk. It goes something like this...
Me: "Connor - what's my name"
Connor: ....silence. 
Me: "Kate - what's my name"
Connor: MAMA!!!!!!!!!

4. Kate is obsessed with cats and spends countless hours chasing Elvis and Gracie around the house. It usually ends with her pulling out a chunk of their hair and laughing hysterically.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Birthday Lunch

Ross and my mom share the same birthday (Sept 2nd) and Beth's birthday is only a few days later (Sept. 7th) so we took all the birthday kiddos out for a celebratory lunch.

Brithday lunch in Fredericksburg

Kate showing BeBe her bib
 Like his mama Connor can't sit still for too long.
He got a little squirmy during lunch and had to run around.
Look mom! I found a leaf! (Notice the alfredo lip liner)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The apple doesn't fall far...

What is it about kids and dishwashers?

Me (circa 1978)

Connor (2009)
Kate (2010)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bebe's Visit

Ross, the kids and I have had a great time with Bebe. We started off spending 4 days in Beaver Creek, CO for Brian and Ana's wedding. As you know, Ross and I love Colorado - so it was exciting for us to share our favorite vacation place with Beth and the kids.  After that we headed back to San Antonio where Beth stayed busy redecorating Connor's room. Pictures to come.

  Here are some pictures from her visit.

Bebe, Connor and Kate in Vail, CO.

Connor and Kate in Vail, CO

Beaver Creek, CO

Beaver Creek, CO

Kate at lunch wearing her finest Auburn gear.
Connor at Big Z's. Ready for his hamburger.
Beth, Connor and Kate on opening football weekend
Beth and Kate at Big Z's. Yum!
Lov'in on Morgan.