Friday, May 28, 2010

Letter from Connor

We got an e-mail from Connor last night. He's spending a few days with his mimi and opa and I guess he felt the need to write. SMILE.


Hi mom and dad, I sure had a fun day today. Ate lots of good food too.I played out in the yard, rattled some gates, played with Tanners tirejump and got to see him jump thru it too.

Took a nap with MiMi, had some snacks. Played with the TV, on off on off on off on off.... I found MiMi in the bathroom and she told me we would go outside to playin the water. Well I reached up on the bathroom counter and got hold ofOpa's glass of water. Before I knew it I had spilled it right in myface. OHHHHHH it was cold. I didn't cry or fuss. I just thought Iwould start the water fun NOW!

Then we went out side and got the hose.Sprayed Tanner and the horses, and OH I got sprayed too. I giggled and laughed. Then MiMi let me have the hose. I figured out how to make it spray. I also found out what happens when you put the whole hose inyour mouth. Boy that's a lot of water (it was on low).

Then we sat on the hammock and I pushed it with my feet to make itswing. Next we had a snack and then I got to ride Lobo. Opa was infront and MiMi was at my side holding my leg. I can ride with no hands at all.

When I got off I got to raise up the flap of the saddle and see what is underneath. Then I gave Lobo some love pats. Next was dinner, bath, brush teeth, dry hair and read a book. I was so tired (but I didn't fuss AT ALL!) I did fall asleep in MiMi's arms. Night night.Tomorrow is another day.

Love ConCon

Monday, May 24, 2010

Rolling Stone

To celebrate her 6 month "birthday" Kate has learned how to roll herself around the living room with purpose and intent. Last night Kate was laying on the floor and Connor - being the good big brother he is - brought her one of his toys (a pink plastic pig). Kate proceeded to play with this poor innocent little pig by swinging it around wildly and then banging it on the floor until she "accidentally" managed to throw it across the room.

Since she wasn't done tormenting it yet, she rolled herself 5 or 6 times to the left until she was face to face with the pig once more. Thinking this was just a coincidence, Ross picked her up (without the pig) and moved her a couple of feet away. Within seconds she was back - almost defiant that we'd ruined her fun and determined to make this pig her pay for whatever it did to her.

Meanwhile, Connor was standing in front of the TV clapping with the studio audience on Minute to Win It. As they were interviewing the contestant in the foreground, the studio audience was clapping in the background and Connor was taking his cue from the audience. What a nut.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Remember when...#2

We weighed Kate today and at 5 1/2 months old, she's a whopping 19 1/2 pounds! I'm thrilled to have a big, happy, healthy baby - but seriously why does it have to be one extreme of the other? Connor was 14 months old when he finally broke into the 20 lbs range.

Connor loves his baby sister. He loves to give her hugs and show her how to use some of his favorite toys. Kate loves Connor too. She watches his every move. I'm sure this will end one day soon - but for now I treasure how sweet they are to each other.

We've been taking Connor horseback riding as much as possible. Not only because it gives us an excuse to visit my parent’s ranch, but it also helps Connor with his balance and self esteem. He's becoming so confident now that he can ride without holding on and tells the horse to GO when he stops. He's my little cowboy.

Kate provides free entertainment to her daycare classmates. The teachers told me that they like to put Kate in an excersaucer next to another baby. Kate then talks, laughs and blows raspberries at the other baby keeping them happy and entertained. Fast forward 20 years and this will probably manifest itself into dancing on tables while singing Karaoke. Oh my!

Connor's crib got recalled. So until we buy a big-boy bed, we put his crib mattress on the floor and that's where he's been sleeping (ghetto, I know. Don't judge me!). He's usually very good about staying on his mattress and then falling asleep on his own. Seriously, we read him a few books, kiss him goodnight and then leave. He's got several toys that he likes to play with and then he falls asleep when he's ready. But the other night, he wasn't ready. Instead of staying on his mattress like he usually does, he decided to get up and start knocking on his door to get out. The funniest part is that he didn't start crying and screaming. He just calmly knocked on his door until we came and got him.

Have you hugged your watusi today?

We really needed to get out of the house today. So we packed up the kids and headed to the drive-thru wildlife safari. Connor had a blast for many reasons...seeing the animals was cool, feeding them was even cooler. But driving down the road while standing in my lap and hanging his body out of the window - that was the coolest!

Before anyone even thinks about calling CPS, I had a kung-fu death grip on him and the maximum speed through the safari was 5mph. Anyway, the thought of him squealing with joy as the ground whizzed by (remember only 5mph) and the blood was rushing to his head - that is a memory that I won't soon forget.

Kate slept through most of the drive-thru safari, but she woke up just in time for lunch and the petting zoo. Here are some pictures from our little adventure.

OMG! Get me out of here before that buffalo comes any closer.

These two black and white things look like trouble.

Ross feeding the Zebra. While this was happening, Connor was busy helping himself to the zebra food. I took my eye off of him for one second and he had a mouth full...just picture green alphalfa pelets streaming out of his mouth...UGH.

Hey BK did you know that baby toes are a goats favorite meal? Yum!

Excuse me, this goat is NOT respecting my personal space.

Is he still looking at me??? CREEPY!

BK loves her daddy!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our Little Cupkate

I have to give major props to Ross's neice - Lauren Ann. When we were in Alabama she gave Kate the cutest nickname - Cupkate. Why? Because she's an adorable little cupcake with a dabble of frosting on the top of her head.

So here are the latest pictures of cupkate (5 months). Notice the drool - yup she's teething already. Oh my!