Monday, August 23, 2010


This picture is surprising for two reasons. ONE - I had no idea that Kate likes raspberry vinegrette dressing and TWO - I didn't know she could stand up all by herself. Surprise! What's next?? Walking? My goodness Kate - will you PLEASE slow down.

Remember When #3

1. Last night during dinner, Connor reached over and pulled Kate's high-chair closer to him so that he could hold her hand.

2. When we walk outside, Connor almost always picks up a leaf and brings it to me like the most valuable gift on the planet. He gently sets it in my hand and then stands back to watch my reaction.

3. Connor is in a foward facing car seat and Kate is in a rear facing one. So they basically get to stare at each other during our car rides. To entertain themselves, they've taken to blowing raspberries at one another. They think it's harlious and I love how much it makes them laugh.

4. Kate's learned how to sneeze without removing the pacifier from her mouth.

5. Connor is extremely double jointed. He can point his finger straight out bending only the tip. It looks bizarre and painful.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Snake's like birthday cake too

Today we took the kids to a birthday party at my friend Barbara Eckmann's house. Barbara has three boys and her middle son, Ethan was celebrating his 4th birthday.

When she greeted us at the door, Barbara looked over my shoulder and said "Oh, look there's the reptile man". Of course, my reaction was "excuse me...what?!?".  That's when I turned around to see a guy unloading plastic containers from his car. After looking at the containers a little closer, I noticed that each of them had air holes poked in the sides.

Oh snap!