Friday, March 28, 2008

Incorrect announcement

To stop some of the emails and phone calls before they get too out of hand.. just want to put a note out there confirming that Leia DID NOT give birth Thrusday March 28th as indicated in a mass email from Tesoro. According to the doctor who we just spoke with, Leia is still very much pregnant and is still on target for her due date of April 3rd. Her co-worker Tawny Fries did give birth to a baby boy but not Leia. Some of you are probably thinking this is an early April Fools joke but I promise it is not. The email was sent out by one of Leia's co-workers and was incorrect. When the baby does get here, I will be sending out an email from my account so there is no confusion. I do appreciate the emails and calls as this is a very exciting time and no one wants this kiddo to get here quickly more than Leia and I.

A quick update on Leia, she and the baby are progressing nicely and we are trying to let nature take its course. Our doctor mentioned scheduling an induction but there is no medical reason to do that at this moment so we have decided to sit back and relax as much as possible. The doc did say baby is well over 7lbs and may be closer to 8lbs so as long as the weight is good and everyone is healthy we will just continue to keep on keepin on. According to Leia's eviction notice, there are few days left in storage so no need to rush. Leia still looks lovely as always and she has done such a wonderful job taking care of herself throughout this pregnancy. For someone that's about to go into labor, she looks so calm which actually scares me a little. Calm and Leia are 2 words that are usually not used in the same sentence. She's proved me wrong though and it helps make this easier.

As for me, I'm a train wreck. Freaking out. Holding it in is taking years off my life but that's my job is to be calm. I'll be posting another blog very soon with plans and developments next week!



Thursday, March 13, 2008

Get out, get out, get out!!!

I’m full term today which means that our precious little bundle is technically ready to face the world. His/her legs, arms, eyes, ears and lungs are all fully developed…so what’s the hold up?
Why am I left to suffer these last few weeks if the “bun” if fully cooked? Picture finally making it to the front of the line at the post office during the Christmas rush. You’ve been waiting in line for hours and you’re really excited about being the very next customer served…then BAM – they throw up a sign that says “out to lunch”. Ugh!

Without sounding like the worst mother on the face of the planet, I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands. I’m officially serving this baby with an eviction notice. “Dear baby, This is your first warning to vacate the premises. Failure to comply will result in spicy foods, trampoline bouncing and other labor inducing activity.”

If the eviction notice doesn’t work, then I have a few other tricks up my sleeve. Little does this baby know that it has a very determined and resourceful mother waiting for it on the outside. Here are a few of the things that I have working in my favor right now…

Full Moon – it’s well documented that an overwhelming number of women go into labor when there’s a full moon. After doing a little research and consulting the 2008 lunar calendar, I discovered that the next full moon is on the 22nd…next Friday, so get ready baby.

Doctor on Vacation – if you guys have been following out blog, then you know how much trouble we’ve had with the doctor. So when Ross and I heard that he was going on vacation next week, our chances of going into labor increased exponentially.

My Entourage – animals sense seizures and strokes, so who says they can’t sense labor. I’m not joking when I say that I can’t go anywhere without a four legged entourage. Do they know something that I don’t know?? It’s as if I’ve turned into Evan Almighty overnight. They wait for me outside the shower door, climb in bed with me for naps and sit at my feet while I eat dinner. It’s like Ross doesn’t exist and I’m the leader of the animal kingdom.

Now while I like to think that these three things give me the upper hand, I know realistically that the baby’s in the driver’s seat for this one. What pains me the most is that for once in my life, I have absolutely no control over when, where or how this baby will make its grand entrance. But that won’t stop me from trying, so baby – if you know what’s good for you, you’ll get out now.