Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Ross and I have a routine. He has to be at work at 7:00am, so I’m responsible for feeding the kids breakfast, getting them dressed and taking them to school. In the afternoon, he’s done with work around 4:00pm, so he picks them up from school, takes them home and starts dinner.

Usually, Ross and the kids are home by the time I arrive. Now here’s my favorite part…

Every single day, when I pull into the garage Connor jumps up from whatever it is that he’s doing and shouts “Mommy’s home!!” Then he takes off down the stairs, opens the door to the garage and gives me the sweetest, warmest greeting. It usually consists of a big hug, a kiss and him telling me all about his day in a single breath.

“Iwenttoschool, itwasfun, I playedonthetireswingatrecess” – all without stopping to breathe.

Then we walk up the stairs together to say 'Hi' to Ross and Kate.

It’s the same every single day. He always delivers a very warm, genuine and enthusiastic greeting – one that melts my heart each and every time. He is really excited to see me.

I know that he may not always greet me this way. I also know that it doesn’t sound like much, but it’s honestly my favorite time of day. I look forward to it and I don’t ever want to forget the memory of these daily greetings.

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