Sunday, January 4, 2015


It's no surprise that Kate is wicked smart. Her little brain is constantly thinking about how to take over the world. She's always watching, thinking, putting the pieces together. She has so many wonderful thoughts but sometimes they get a little twisted between in brain and her mouth. This typically produces some really funny discussions. I've captured a few on my favorites that I want to remember as long as possible.

Kate words (2-3 years old):
1. Elementeen = 11
2. Saymen = 7
3. Hams = Hands. Kate used to put her socks on her hands and run around saying "I got sock hams. Look at my sock hams"
4. Carry you = carry me.
5. Cuter = computer. This one eventually evolved into pacuter.

Kate and I have the most interesting conversations in the car. We were on our way to school on day when she says this; "Mom, you better call me at 56911, if you see a bad man or a dinosaur."

Here's another...Mom, I have a remembery! Princesses drink watermelons.


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